Cie d’Autres Cordes
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Centaure is a live audio & video performance by Franck Vigroux (music) & Kurt d’Haeseleer (video)

Centaure is a postdigital road trip to a dystopic future. It’s a virtual ’safari’ to a world populated by cloned creatures and mutations of species that seem to have been artificially rebuilt from contaminated DNA.
Man has disappeared, absorbed by technology, which has become anthropomorphic. Everything breathes, smells, rot, transforms ... The grass, the trees, the water, the clouds, everything is contaminated with a barely visible, but omnipresent technology.
Human flesh has exploded and has morphed with machines to give birth to a perverted new nature.

Cie d’Autres Cordes, Bruits Blancs, CD Val de Marne. With the support of Le Cube, Anis Gras