Cie d’Autres Cordes
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"Forêt" is a non narrative Gesamtkunstwerk with live electronic music, bodies in movement, unique 3D lights and a video projection, creating strong optical effects and physical experiences. In psychology the forest (Forêt in french) is the subconscious. The work is a constant dialogue between a chamanic character and the cosmos, materialized by an audio reactive black hole, earthworms and labyrinths, non-human entities.

Forêt is a passage way. The dreamlike crossing from one place to another, that of a change of state. Forest is an interior voyage. Here, the images open up in the unconscious, the forest slowly transforms itself, yearns to open up through images and sounds, while the fantasmagorical feminine figure slithers as a snake, and questions herself. Forest is a sensorial opera, built like a sliding movement, first as a vertigo, then an escape, followed by a fall, finally as a redemption. A sensible odyssey in the form of a quest.
Philippe Malone