Cie d’Autres Cordes
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Franck Vigroux - concept, music
Kurt d’Haeseleer - video
Félicie d’Estienne d’Orves - light sculpture
Yuta Ishikawa, Azusa Takeuchi - performers, dance
Ben Miller - voice, text
Cyrille Henry - visual animations
Michel Simonot - playwright advisor
Perrine Cado - light
Carlos Duarte - sound

As a journey through pending bodies and landscapes, Ruines’s story has to be lived as a sensitive odyssey. Within multiple spaces is forged a tridimensional net of images where high frequencies algorithm, mutation bodies and hallucinatory experiences in post-industrial no man’s land, decline of objects and landscapes, it is not without reminding man’s own body aging. From these out of control phenomenon are emerging new ruines.