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Kurt d ‘Haeseleer is the artistic director of the WERKTANK, factory for new and old media art.
The Werktank is a production platform for media art. Its main mission is the production and distribution of installation art that explores the relationship between technology and perception.

D’Haeseleer himself produced several videos and (interactive) video installations, such as “Scripted Emotions’, ‘Fossilization’ and ‘S CKMYP’, that could be seen at international festivals and exhibitions in Rotterdam, Tokyo, Montreal, Paris, Berlin , …

He also works regularly as a videodesigner for theatre, dance and opera, and also makes his own audiovisual performances. He worked amongst others with Guy Cassiers, Music Lod, Georges Aperghis, Transparent, Isabella Soupart, Jon Hassell, Franck Vigroux, Ictus, Ief Spincemaille, Peter Verhelst, Köhn, …

D’ Haeseleer’s work focuses on the visualisation of the dynamic of information. He translates the all-encompassing presence of media into meta-images. Media presence is symbolized through layers of sticky pixel-textures, noise and interactivity. Special effects play an important role in his work that can best be described as a ‘pixel drama’ or ‘pixel soap’ and which can be found in the border zone between painting, video clips, cinema and performance. In his work the special effect is the message.

D’ Haeseleer is well known for his extreme video manipulations. He manipulates images by forcing them to react to the parameters of other images. With this approach, he can only partly foresee how the image will appear. The result is a process that strongly ressembles developing analogue photographs, where it is always a surprise to see the result, or even alchemy, but that is in fact entirely digital.