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Michel Simonot Biography

A man of the theater, Michel Simonot is a writer and director. He has written about twenty texts, all of them brought to the stage or made to France Culture (with the exception of The Goal of Roberto Carlos ).

Currently in residence at Anis Gras (Arcueil), he has been author-director at the Théâtre Gérard Philipe in Saint Denis (CDN), under the direction of Alain Ollivier. He has been a writer associated with theater and dance companies.

He is part of the PETROL Group, with Lancelot Hamelin, Sylvain Levey and Philippe Malone .

He is currently playwright with the musician Franck Vigroux, for his show in creation No place.

He has, among others, been deputy of Alain Trutat, director of fiction of France Culture, founded and directed the ANFIAC, was responsible for training at the Ministry of Culture and co-directed the House of Culture of Le Havre.

He accompanied Michelle Kokosowski in the creation and adventure of the Experimental Academy of Theaters.

Sociologist of culture, he was Master of Conference.
He has published several books and articles on writing and the scene, as well as on cultural policies.

Among his writings for the stage :

  • The goal of Roberto Carlos . Quartett editions. 2013.
  • Roma & Juliet . Theatrical Editions. 2012. Petrol Group (Lancelot Hamelin, Sylvain Levey, Philippe Malone, Michel Simonot).
  • The Praiseer , 1991 Teatro de Almada. Lisbon. Portugal. 2009 -Translation and publishing in Lisbon - Theater of Evreux 1991
  • The extraordinary tranquility of things , Espaces 34 Editions, with Lancelot Hamelin, Sylvain Levey, Philippe Malone. Gérard Philipe Theater of Saint Denis, CDN. 2006.
  • Cargo , New creation. Paris. 2003-2004 and Cartoucherie, Théâtre du Chaudron. Avignon, Theater des Halles. Co-production Center of the edges of Marne, Le Perreux.
  • Red behind the eyes . Choreography Brigitte Dumez. Paris. 2004
  • The Night of the Spokespersons , 2003, Actuel Free Theater, Kremlin Bicêtre.
  • Hôtel des Lunes , 2000, Thierry Atlan in space -
  • The Memory of the Crab , edition Cahiers de l’Égaré. 2003. Directed by Justine Simonot, Mont Saint Aignan -
  • Rouge Nocturne. Chronic of the terrible days , 1995, edition Les Cahiers de L’Égaré. Michel Simonot, Suzanne Joubert, Jean Jourdheuil, Heiner Müller. Verdun. 1996
  • A Scene for Medea , 1996, House of Culture of Bourges, 1998,
    France Culture by Blandine Masson
  • Lola Circus1995, serial for France Culture
  • The Waitress leaves at four o’clock , edition Actes Sud-Papiers, 1994, directed by Michel Dubois. Rond Point Theater, Paris.