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International solist, com poser, Hélène Bres chand is an emblematic figure of experimental and contemporary harp.
‘‘The music of Hélène Breschand is of great meditative strength and encapsulates a musical richness that makes forget the s pecificity of its instrument, achieving a singular universality‘‘. This des cription, extracted from the french magazine Mouvement, recounts her ability to harmonize silences and resonances with a mastery and relevance that, combined with a rare inventiveness, give the instrument an astonishing dimension.
Julian Cowley added in The Wire : ‘‘Hélène Breschand demonstrating her readiness to deconstruct her instrument’s identity...if you s till regard the harp as an
anachronism, just experience the scope and power of Breschand’s Le Goût du Sel‘‘.
She belongs to a generation of musicians sensitive to transdisciplinarity. Interes ted in multiple forms of art, in the course of her career she collaborated with classical
musicians (Luciano Berio, Bernard Cavanna ..) and contem porary composers (Eliane Radigue, David Toop, Elliott Sharp, Reinhold Friedl, Franck Vigroux, Wilfried
Wendling ..).
She also creates m usic for plastic arts (Hiroshi Sugimoto, Christian Marclay…), films (« Jeanne d’Arc » de Dreyer, « Salomé » de Charles Bryant) and dance (avec Mic
Guillaumes, Christian UBL…).
In 2017, she takes part in commissioned works by Michèle Lamy with the artist Caecilia Tripp.
She is actively working on a new electric harp and voice solo, which will be released in 2019