Cie d’Autres Cordes
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Philippe Foch developed his ever-reformulated language as a soloist or with several resolutely non-conformist ensembles, Les amants de Juliette in particular, a trio formed with Serge Adam and Benoît Delbecq that recently celebrated 20 years of existence (and dissidence), and the Akosh S. Unit, a quartet created and led by vibrant saxophonist Akosh Szelevényi in which Foch participated from the beginning
of the 1990s, playing with them until 2002 (he can also be heard on Asile, recorded in 1995 by the Akosh Szelevényi Trio, a superb album where he deploys a great variety of percussion, imprinting a coloration as subtle as it is profound). After having worked for 20 years with the company L’entreprise de François Cervantes, an example of his
recent composition is music for the show Them No Go See by dancer/choreographer Sophoatou Kossoko. Careful to constantly widen his sphere of possibilities, he harbours in addition a marked interest for electronic music, interest that expresses itself notably in the duos Red Torsion (with Eryck Abecassis) and Basstarang (with Kasper T. Toeplitz) since the mid 2000s. During this time he also created Fugit, a solo project associating electronics and tablas which has led to this current Signature album.
Since 2009 he his sharing a lot of experiences with the cellist Didier Petit in trio with the
clarinetist Sylvain Kassap and with « the space travelers « trio with the singer Claudia Solal and ensemble with the Actor Pierre Meunier and the electronician Christian Sebille