French visual artist. Lives and works in Paris.

Olivier Ratsi’s work presents objective reality, time, space and matter as a series of intangible informative notions.

Focusing on the experience of reality and its representations, as well as the perception of space, he conceives works that encourage the viewer to question his or her own interpretation of what is real.

As part of his work process, Olivier Ratsi creates systems that deconstruct our spatio-temporal reference points, often using the technique of anamorphosis, developed during his research.

Making a break with objective reality, Olivier Ratsi’s works are not specifically aimed to unleash emotions or to perturb the senses, but rather to work as a catalyst for different points of view and cultural and psychological references. As such, the viewer is not deprived of his own subjective capacity to reconstruct/reconstitute reality. Instead, he is invited to make up his own mind and to experience the works through his own personal reactions.

His work has been shown across the world in many new media art festivals, foundations, group and solo exhibitions : Denise René Gallery and Charlot Gallery in Paris, Wood Street Galleries in Pittsburgh, Puerta Roja Gallery in Hong Kong, D-Museum and Culture Station Seoul 284 in Seoul, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts in Taiwan, K11 gallery in China, Odalys gallery in Spain, Mutek, Elektra and BIAN in Montreal, Némo, Mirage, Bains Numériques and Exit in France, Digital Choc and Media Ambition in Tokyo, Mapping in Switzerland, Multiplicidade in Brazil, Olivier Ratsi is former co-founder of Antivj Label.